Not Tonight

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Not Tonight is an experimental video game project that attempts to make a political statement instead of taking the more conventional interpersonal dramatic route that most video games (and other creative works, for that matter) tend to take.

The game was inspired by the event known as Brexit - in 2016 the United Kingdom decided to leave the European Union which was rather unexpected for many people. The developers of this game think that this decision might lead to very unfortunate consequences in the future and aim to depict them in their original independent video game.

The British government presented in Not Tonight resembles a police state that is in control of pretty much everything, including personal life, identity and regulation of basic freedoms. Some citizens are, of course, unhappy with how things turned out, but can't do much against the system - their voices are either lost behind the noises of propaganda or aren't heard at all because of the fear of being repressed. Slowly the resistance is starting to form and it's up to the player to choose a side in this invisible war.

For now the situation is not so dire, so you can definitely play Not Tonight online and come to your own conclusions about the issues it brings up.

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