Noblemen: 1896

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The game takes place in 1896, in the alternative reality. It tells us about cruel wars. You are a nobleman. You must lead your army to the battle with the enemy. With the view from the third person, .you must destroy all the enemies on your way together with your best soldiers. When you are on the battlefield, you may open a strategic map and control your troops, shifting them from one cover to another. Also, you may order your soldiers to attack the enemies’ troops. The battles here are really dynamic, everything is developing very quickly, the bullets are flying and the bombs are exploding everywhere. If you are a fan of shooters with the elements of strategy, it is a perfect game for you! The graphics here is brilliant. When you load this game in your telephone, you will never have a desire to delete it. Moreover, you will surely enter the game every day and receive daily bonuses. Welcome to the battle world of Noblemen 1896!

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