Over the years the clicking games have been the talk all over. Guess what? They are some of the most obsessive games you could ever engage in if you are not talking it to gambling. The availability of the games for free on the stores makes the clicking games even more popular especially among young people and kids. The nutty scenarios you will experience while playing a good number of the games, will only be left upon you and your creativity.

What are Clicker Games?

What are clicker games? This question is crucial, as this term will form a huge part of our discussion. These are the kind of games you control by pointing and clicking the mouse. The movement of the mouse, and your fingers speed determines the games momentum achievements and scores. Cookie Clicker was among the 1st games introduced as clicker games on the online app store.

Destination Kepler is a remarkable game. The idea of leaving earth behind to realm humanity. It is a game where you need to prove you’re mighty in war. You have to build a vehement military which will help you remain victorious, while playing the game. It is a game built by Hero Simulator.

Become a billionaire? You couldn’t think of this, anyway the idle game Billionaire President will be making you one. The game wants you to achieve like Donald Trump, an American billionaire who became president. The developers of Billionaire President have developed over 150 clicking games you can play. The greatest thing with the games is quality. The games having been developed using Flash and WebGL gives the user an amazing visual experience during gameplay. Nevertheless your browser you can still play the game, as there are readily available plugins which you can install, and still progress with your gameplay efficiently. You will need to always get the fun, and beat the challenges to enjoy the game.