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The horror series about animatronic mascots controlled by a terrifying AI has blown everyone away. Its creepy visuals and the contrast of humor and terror inspired an entire subgenre. The fans who want more should try Five Nights at Candy’s online. This spinoff continues the story of the original with an unexpected twist. Apparently, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria has closed down recently for unclear reasons. A local burger place with a similar kid-friendly theme has just hired a security guard. The goal is to watch after the restaurant after dark and keep the generator running. However, the robotic animals are acting kind of strange. Something seems to be attracting them to the staff room. Who knows what will happen if they find a way in? It’s better not to risk it. Ward them off and stay safe in the course of the week.

Spiritual Successor to FNAF

Although this title draws inspiration from its predecessor it stands confidently on its own. Every Five Nights at Candy’s game is a memorable nerve-wracking adventure. The style of storytelling is very similar and the mechanics are pretty much the same. However, it does have a few outstanding features that set it apart:

  • Previously unseen cast of characters spooky enough to haunt the players’ dreams
  • Innovative night vision mode for the monitor feed
  • Fresh soundtrack that consists of eerie tunes, bone-chilling effects, and dreadful ambiance
  • Compelling writing supplemented by convincing voice acting

This addition is a faithful reimagining of the franchise with some bold design choices. It’s a worthy option for veterans and beginners alike.

How to Play Five Nights at Candy’s

The events take place in the same room, the command center of the building. There are two doors on each side. Holding them shut prevents monsters from getting in but drains power. The boss installed a system that turns everything off if the battery drains. Don’t let the lights go out, otherwise, the protagonist will be defenseless. Manage the resources and use them sparingly to make it through the shift. Move the mouse cursor to look around and activate protective measures. Watch the cameras to see how close the enemies are. Withstand their onslaught 5 times in a row to reach the end.

The fanbase has been eagerly waiting for new installments of their favorite survival sim. This title delivers on every level and exceeds the wildest expectations. The developers made Five Nights at Candy’s free for everyone to enjoy. Launch it in any capable browser, stay alive, and try not to freak out.

Five Nights at Candy’s is one of the best FNAF Game you can play on Kevin Games.
This game works perfectly in modern browsers and requires no installation.
Five Nights at Candy’s has been played by thousands of gamers who rated it 4.0 / 5 with 5529 votes.

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    Comments (62)

    1. noah Evans 11 november 2023, 05:56
      all my men
      1. jbell4 28 october 2023, 01:21
        Yeah I agee it is just the black sceen.
        1. Luna 26 september 2023, 17:50
          Wow I love it how cool!!!
          1. Random guy 23 august 2023, 11:49
            Incase anybody is wondering simply press space so you can see the cams this way you can see everything not just darkness and the animatronics eyes left arrow is close/open left door and right arrow is close/open right door as for the front door to deal with blank I don't know hopefully someone else knows…
            1. andrew 29 july 2023, 16:28
              so how do i open the front door
              1. sde2d 30 january 2023, 17:55
                How do I close the front door i keep on dieing to candy cause of the front door
                1. sedbfwherv rfwde 11 december 2023, 15:06
                  are you stupid blank is the only one that comes from the front door
                  1. PM7 foe 22 november 2023, 19:39
                    i think you have to use up an down arows for the front door
                    1. james 22 march 2023, 19:31
                      i cant close the door to
                      1. Micheal Afton 14 august 2023, 16:50
                        left and right arrows keys
                    2. Abi 11 december 2022, 00:40
                      Is it scary??
                      1. Erin 07 november 2022, 20:50
                        So the controls are Left Arrow for left door, right arrow right door, space for nightvision, i havent figured out the front vent
                        1. bella 14 october 2022, 13:17
                          i cant figure out the controls
                          1. mario 99 13 october 2022, 21:30
                            thats right
                            1. Zayvion A 06 october 2022, 16:51
                              My carmeras show up pitch blackness and white eyes
                              1. Adler 19 november 2022, 16:03
                                same thing with me
                                1. Elizabeth afton 18 october 2023, 03:36
                                  If ur on pc or computer press spacebar to light up the cameras and I don't know how to light up the cameras on phone and tablet
                              2. emma 28 september 2022, 13:46
                                its a bit glitchy but fun lol
                                1. chris 14 september 2022, 17:39
                                  michael afton are you gonna try to kill me
                                  1. dragon 16 july 2022, 07:01
                                    it is good my coise said candy i a little glich
                                    1. Lucas 23 may 2022, 20:42
                                      This isn't so bad it is cool.
                                      1. Raven 05 may 2022, 16:32
                                        I like five nights at cndy's
                                        1. abby 20 april 2022, 13:45
                                          i play fnaf 1 2 an i like it so i will like this too right???
                                          1. michael afton 11 april 2022, 16:22
                                            this is a game for everyone just not you it for everyone
                                            1. chris 14 september 2022, 17:41
                                              will you kill me please?
                                              1. Ennard 29 october 2022, 03:47
                                                I will if you want
                                                1. Jaiden 20 september 2022, 02:43
                                                  I don’t know uhh it won’t work on iPad
                                              2. michael afton 11 april 2022, 16:21
                                                i played this
                                                1. william afton 24 july 2023, 12:56
                                                  good job
                                                2. Lxzerz 02 april 2022, 18:34
                                                  How come it isnt loading for me? I cant even get into the game. Help?
                                                  1. kylie 29 march 2022, 21:02
                                                    i love this game it is so good
                                                    1. eggYT000 24 march 2022, 13:51
                                                      love the game
                                                      1. Darkness 03 march 2022, 16:58
                                                        k i like this game
                                                        1. 011 10 march 2022, 01:04
                                                          hpw can i send back cindy and candy
                                                        2. willow :P duh 08 february 2022, 00:58
                                                          I LOVE SCARY GAME!!!
                                                          1. Ashlynn 01 march 2022, 13:37
                                                            when i try to look at the cameras they are black and i can't see any of them and how do you play
                                                            1. Pro gamer 11 march 2022, 20:39
                                                              you click the space bar on cams to see and arrow keys to close doors
                                                              1. emmie.midoriya 10 march 2022, 17:55
                                                                idk- same happen for me
                                                            2. willow :P duh 07 february 2022, 21:15
                                                              I LOVE SCARY GAME!
                                                              1. David 27 january 2022, 13:07
                                                                its a good game
                                                                1. landen 21 january 2022, 16:58
                                                                  i love this game
                                                                  1. Logan Varanese 19 january 2022, 14:28
                                                                    Umm… I don't like the way that the game is. How do you know if the animatronics are coming,? Because you can't see in the security cameras or put on lights! It is really annoying. I wish you could do a better job with it.
                                                                    1. among us 22 january 2022, 22:05
                                                                      press space
                                                                    2. Kate FazWolf 15 january 2022, 17:44
                                                                      I think the game is broken
                                                                      1. sugarcalilime33 06 january 2022, 20:29
                                                                        i really like fnaf sooo much thank you for making this game
                                                                        1. Random helper 02 january 2022, 18:06
                                                                          if you are playing on a computer or a PC. to close the doors you have to tap the arrow keys like to ones pointing to the left and the right on your keyboard! welcome!
                                                                          1. glitch 06 january 2022, 21:23
                                                                            why wont it load
                                                                            1. Allison 02 february 2022, 22:26
                                                                              I know the game wont lobe its stupid i hate this games
                                                                              1. blm lover 22 february 2022, 19:10
                                                                                lobe the games is not stupid its you that is stupid\
                                                                          2. DANI 30 december 2021, 17:26
                                                                            THE GAME WAS GREAT BUT I HEARD SOUND OUTSIDE WHEN I GOT JUMPSCARED
                                                                            1. x-Xiao-x 23 december 2021, 14:39
                                                                              great game
                                                                              1. papa jones 20 december 2021, 21:00
                                                                                I need to close the door
                                                                                1. Pro gamer 11 march 2022, 20:32
                                                                                  How do keep the door closed?
                                                                                2. sans 29 november 2021, 18:13
                                                                                  I glitched candy
                                                                                  1. Teddy Garrison 25 october 2021, 01:37
                                                                                    Can I Have It.
                                                                                    1. nobody 07 october 2021, 07:25
                                                                                      how can i close the door?
                                                                                      1. ivan 27 september 2021, 01:07
                                                                                        hi i really want to play this game beccause i saw a youtuber play it
                                                                                        1. Nick Bro 30 august 2021, 15:57
                                                                                          Bro this is a good game
                                                                                          1. Nick Bro 30 august 2021, 15:56
                                                                                            This is a good game
                                                                                            1. GoodSniper2020 20 august 2021, 01:25
                                                                                              this is a very good game you should add all the fnafs
                                                                                              1. yo 19 july 2021, 01:49
                                                                                                good game
                                                                                                1. kylie 29 march 2022, 21:03
                                                                                                  i now right