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In Infinity War Galaxy Space Shooter online, an alien armada is about to destroy Earth. Jump in your small warship and attack them when they don’t expect it. Show off your piloting skills and take down as many enemies as you can! Each blown-up unit means hundreds of saved lives. Will you dare to fight the whole army alone?

Control Mechanics

Each round begins with a short animation. When your vehicle starts firing by itself, the session begins. Click on your character, hold it and move the mouse in different directions. Fly wherever you need: up, down, left, right. Your opponents move from above and come in big groups. Make sure they get into the rain of your sci-fi bullets.

Play Infinity War Galaxy Space Shooter and Blow up Hostiles

Your weapons are loaded 100%, it will be enough for as long as you need. The more you kill, the more will come at you. You can roughly divide them into 3 categories:

Stupid drones. They don’t even shoot, just fly in groups, and are easy to take down. However, they can get rid of you if you bump into them.
Clever pilots. They maneuver, move back and forth, and throw bombs. It takes longer to breach their defense shields and deal damage.
Huge bosses. Colored in bright red, they are a real danger. They withstand a lot of hits and send bombs in all directions.

Catch Powerups

You’ll see blue capsules with a P letter on them, flying across the battlefield. Grab them to boost your firearms’ power and hit the range. The more you get at the same time, the more dangerous you become. However, they last for a couple of seconds. Use these moments to destroy the attackers.

Sounds like a furious battle. Dynamic gameplay and music. Nice visuals. Enjoy it all in Infinity War Galaxy Space Shooter free from downloading. Open your browser, go to Kevin Games and launch the adventure.

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