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Five Nights at Freddy’s is one of the most successful horror franchises in history. Despite its fairly basic gameplay and graphics, it manages to provide incredible thrills. In the original, the protagonist has to oversee creepy animatronic mascots of a pizza restaurant. They’re supposed to be mindless robots but seem to have a mind of their own. To avoid getting scared to death, the employee has to ward them off.  FNAF Sister Location Custom Night is a game that introduces an interesting twist. Like before, it takes place in a janky security office with electricity-powered doors. The goal is to survive the shift by preventing the monsters from entering. However, this time the player can adjust the number of encounters to increase the challenge. The more enemies there are, the harder the playthrough becomes. Only the biggest fans of the series will be able to make it through.

Nowhere to Hide

Difficulty is a notoriously problematic aspect of gaming. Depending on the title, it can range from mind-numbingly easy to downright frustrating. And people have vastly different opinions and preferences in that regard. Having the option to manipulate various parameters is unprecedented. It gives users the power to dial in exactly what they want. In addition to that, FNAF Sister Location Custom Night runs online without installation. The developers did an amazing job of implementing the following features:

  • Traditional FNAF playstyle that involves checking the camera feeds, managing resources, and keeping hostiles away
  • Signature atmosphere of inescapable dread, heartwrenching jumpscares, and dark humor
  • 10 iconic characters, including Foxy, Bonnet, Ballora, Minireena, and more
  • Highly customizable settings that allow for an insane number of possible scenarios
  • Awesome background music and terrifying sound design

The greatest advantage of this version is its unusually flexible mechanics. Beginners can minimize the danger and learn the ropes without having too much trouble. Meanwhile, experts can push things to the limit and see how they fare.

How to Play FNAF Sister Location Custom Night

Choose the desired roster in the main menu by clicking on the portraits. Keep in mind that going higher than 20 is impossible. After that, the tally resets to 0. Turning the warning icons off prevents the breach alert messages from popping up. During the session, move the mouse cursor to look around. Click on the red controls to lock or unlock vents and passageways. Be careful not to waste energy and oxygen too quickly. Press the button at the bottom of the screen to access the camera footage.

Quality interactive thrillers are pretty rare and tend to cost a lot. FNAF Sister Location Custom Night is free, unblocked, and immensely fun. Tweak the available adjustments to taste and create unique presets with almost limitless entertainment potential.

FNAF Sister Location Custom Night is one of the best FNAF Game you can play on Kevin Games.
This game works perfectly in modern browsers and requires no installation.
FNAF Sister Location Custom Night has been played by thousands of gamers who rated it 4.2 / 5 with 3125 votes.

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    Comments (40)

    1. HydroxQT 06 february 2024, 19:07
      This game is not loading need to fix that bug
      1. Plush LOVERZ 03 february 2024, 05:47
        1. LOLBIT11122223 08 january 2024, 13:55
          1. ariaholland 05 january 2024, 19:27
            love this game!!!
            1. Bayleebug 28 december 2023, 23:58
              why isnt circus baby in custom night
              1. Jacob 13 february 2024, 19:53
                you are right
              2. f 27 december 2023, 22:16
                night 4 is hard.
                1. anna 17 december 2023, 01:09
                  i love it but it never lets me click stuff
                  1. elizabeth 06 october 2023, 17:16
                    this game is not scary i bet the moive will be better
                    1. fnaf lover/moondrop lover 20 december 2023, 14:27
                      its not scary,but my best friend was playing on his vr and he did not pause his game and when he went to get a cup of water he still had he vr on ,whitch he got a drink and he says «illl be okay if nothing bad happens!» then he got jumpscared by circus baby in circus baby's diner! lol poor Blake.
                    2. Roger's notice 25 june 2023, 03:29
                      Kanye really likes this game, he told me on discord lol
                      1. icecream 29 march 2023, 21:41
                        i love this game but night 3 is more difficult then the others
                        1. EpicGamerOnFNAF 17 november 2023, 01:08
                          skill issue
                        2. Kendra 24 december 2022, 18:44
                          I love it
                          1. Angela Davis 22 november 2022, 15:05
                            I love this game
                            1. dhyrbfyty 18 november 2022, 14:34
                              hi melody im dhyrbfyty
                              1. Ace 08 november 2022, 22:30
                                How do you get rid of Yendo because he keeps getting me.
                                1. Lunar and BloodMoon 12 june 2023, 02:21
                                  You flip the monitor back up and then back down.
                                2. jabur 23 june 2022, 18:23
                                  yo this is fire
                                  1. FNaFGirl555 30 april 2022, 12:43
                                    But overall, the game is EPIC
                                    1. FNaFGirl555 30 april 2022, 12:42
                                      There is one bug I would like to point out: when my power goes down, next time I try another night, the power is at what I completed my shift the last night and I have to reload the page.
                                      1. Ethan 18 february 2023, 01:59
                                        yes same
                                      2. Aubree lyons 28 march 2022, 16:28
                                        How do you play it?
                                        1. Chomper2019 27 march 2022, 13:02
                                          This game is amazing but thing is the problem when i loose power it's gone permanently and i have return to lobby then comes back otherwise this is a great game fix that bug and it should be back to normal thank you! :D
                                          1. draven 31 march 2022, 18:22
                                            just refresh the game it should be fine get on cams with s and open/close doors and vent with w,a,d
                                          2. funtime freddy 26 march 2022, 20:45
                                            the power goes down too fast
                                            1. jordyn 14 march 2022, 16:40
                                              i love this game
                                              1. alex afton 04 march 2022, 16:04
                                                you gise are so cool!!!
                                                1. Vanny 28 february 2022, 16:40
                                                  wow this is how it was before
                                                  1. matias 24 february 2022, 02:45
                                                    this is fun
                                                    1. lorala 23 february 2022, 19:17
                                                      i cant survive fnaf 1 so mabie i can survive this???????
                                                      1. NAY AFTON 22 february 2022, 21:56
                                                        i jest love sis Lokaston
                                                        1. mustafa 20 february 2022, 00:47
                                                          l love you
                                                          1. Penguin101 18 february 2022, 22:46
                                                            its just loading
                                                            1. ballora 13 february 2022, 18:28
                                                              would you like to dance with me?
                                                              1. faithlynn 12 february 2022, 23:32
                                                                this is my first time playing and it is so fun
                                                                1. bonnie bon bon 11 february 2022, 16:52
                                                                  fnaf sis location is bonmazing
                                                                  1. Yui Mizaki 10 february 2022, 19:10
                                                                    hi melody
                                                                    1. Alondra 09 february 2022, 02:23
                                                                      i fun lot
                                                                      1. melody 08 february 2022, 15:29
                                                                        hi my name is melody