Slendrina Must Die is a series of horror games set in the Slender Man universe. Something terrible happened to a family that now haunts our protagonist: Selena Raina (which is the real name of the ghost), her parents and her child are under a powerful curse that started their story so long ago. Now they roam the woods and empty buildings looking for lost souls who dare to intrude their never-ending nightmare.

Technically speaking, Slendrina games are first person shooters with some puzzle elements. The controls are intuitive: WASD buttons for movement, mouse for looking around and shooting. The player can interact with objects by pressing F. The horror elements come into play right away: the enemies can never be truly killed, they just get temporarily incapacitated, but can return and scare the living hell out of the player at any moment.

The settings feature abandoned schools, insane asylums, haunted woods and dark cellars. The goal is usually to collect a certain amount of hidden objects hidden around the level in order to escape. Terrifying scares, haunting 3D visuals and creepy atmosphere never get old.

Can you uncover the truth about Slendrina? Why not give it a try – after all, you have only your sanity to lose.