Money movers 2


Money movers 2


In the sequel to the exciting prison break story, Money Movers 2, the fugitive brothers continue their journey to freedom. Now their goal is to help their father escape from his captivity. It's time to break back into the correctional facility where their daddy is being held and get him out.

Continuing the legacy of the original the developers make a heavy emphasis on cooperative gameplay: in Money Movers 2 two players (or one player controlling both characters) need to work together to reach the end of every level. Pressing WASD and arrows on the same keyboard will make the protagonists move around completely independantly from each other.

Every time you start a Money Movers 2 game you can expect lots of interesting gameplay twists and exciting surprises in terms of level design. Pressing buttons, activating switches, avoiding lasers, moving furniture to reach certain spots and many other tasks will require the players to figure out a fitting approach that will be different every single time.

If you are still not sure about Money Movers 2 play the original first - it will introduce you to the story and characters and show you how to play step by step. Once you're done, make sure to check out the sequel!