Smashy City


Smashy City


In Smashy City you play as a giant monster ape destroying a metropolis out of pure rage. Clearly inspired by King Kong, this game puts you in the shoes of the huge animal: your only goal is to create as much chaos and destruction as possible and try to stay alive for as long as you can. Unusual isometric perspective, simple controls and a peculiar blocky art style immediately create a unique vibe that no other title can offer.

Originally created for mobile devices, Smashy City online is now available to play on regular desktops and laptops thanks to in-browser implementation. The Ape moves and attacks automatically, your job is to steer it in the right direction – you are the one who decides which way to go and what to destroy. Cars and smaller objects are not a problem at all, buildings take a bit longer to demolish and police and army vehicles can damage you with bullets and by crashing into you. Your health is indicated with three hearts – as soon as you lose them all, the monster dies and you have to start over.

How long can you stay alive and how much damage can you inflict on the city that captured you? There’s nothing more relaxing than a short Smashy City game, so give it a try and reach the highest score possible!