Slendrina Must Die The Asylum


Slendrina Must Die The Asylum


Slendrina Must Die - The Asylum is part of the series of games based on Selena, the daughter of Slender Man. Terrible things happened in this god-forsaken place. Signs of torture, echoes of screams and visions of suffering are in the air of rooms and corridors. Your goal is to find 8 medical books and avoid Selena and her mother to get out of the asylum. Once you are out, you are going to have to find 8 corpse hooks somewhere in the backyard.


Walk around by pressing WASD buttons, hold CTRL to crawl and Left Shift to run. Pressing Space will make the character jump. Look around by moving your mouse, click RMB to aim and LMB to shoot. If you need to see what’s around the corner press C. Select weapons with the Scroll Wheel and reload by pressing R.

How to play Slendrina Must Die – The Asylum

Just like in the other chapters of the game Selena and other monsters cannot be killed. Your weapons are only there to incapacitate the enemies and give you some breathing room. This is especially important in the first part of the chapter – the actual asylum building with narrow corridors and small rooms. Once you are out, you should use the space of the backyard to your advantage: don’t waste ammo, simply avoid the ghosts to the best of your ability.