Bob the Robber 2


Bob the Robber 2


Bob the Robber 2 introduces a new chapter in the story of the modern day Robin Hood who uses his unique skills of stealth, lock-picking, code-breaking and agility to save the city from corporate greed and government corruption. Bob barely had any time to relax after his first mission, but the town is in danger and he is the only one who can help its citizens.

As mentioned earlier, the game’s mechanics are mostly based on avoiding conflict and outsmarting security systems. While in the dark, Bob will automatically hide in the shadows remaining unseen. If a camera or a guard manage to notice him in a well-lit area, an alarm will start going off, and if too many disturbances are reported, the player will have to restart the level.

Bob the Robber 2 online version is just as capable as any regular game, but requires no installation. It features great visuals, fun gameplay, intuitive controls and automatic cloud saving. In case you have to take a break, your progress will not be lost and you will be able to continue exactly where you left off.

If you have some time to spare at school, work or during commute, take out your leather gloves, put on your best black mask and play a couple of levels of Bob the Robber 2 game.