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Striker Dummies is a very unusual fighting game featuring simple controls, impressive visuals, realistic ragdoll physics, and fun mechanics. Two mannequins with moving body parts try to beat each other up with hammers. Put as much strength as you can into your hits, avoid your opponent’s attacks, and tear them apart piece by piece. Mind your health bar: if it goes down to zero, you will lose the fight. Can you master the tricky dynamics, outsmart your enemy and win in every single round?

On paper, the concept is nothing new: the traditional side view, the fixed level boundaries, and the timer on top all look very familiar. However, as soon as you start playing your first Striker Dummies game, you will realize that this title is nothing like the usual representatives of the genre. There is no punching, kicking, or jumping, no fancy special moves or combos. What you have is your trusty hammer, and four buttons to control the movement of your character: W, A, S, and D. Press and hold A to raise the weapon, then unleash it’s power by quickly pressing D. Use W and A keys to adjust your stance, and the angle of the hit. You cannot walk or dash, just try to avoid getting hit.

Ragdoll physics of Striker Dummies play a major part in its ingenuity and appeal. Depending on the momentum of your hits, and on where they land, your damage will vary. Take your time to make every attack as impactful as possible. If you and your enemy’s hammers cross, try to get out of the clutch by pushing and pulling back when necessary. It’s easy to overdo it, though, so keep the tension at a reasonable level, or else your dummy will fall apart.

You can either fight against the AI or select the Striker Dummies friend vs. friend mode to enjoy the hilarious mutual beatings on the same keyboard. Player 1 can keep controlling their dummy with WASD buttons, while player 2 can use the arrow keys. This mode is much more entertaining, because of how unpredictable and chaotic the fighting becomes. If you happen to come to a stalemate, the player with more health will win automatically when the timer runs out.

The developers have recently posted Striker Dummies online, which means you can launch it in a browser window, and play as much as you want. Sure, there is not much variety to the gameplay, but even if you get tired of it, just put it down for the day. Then you can go back to beating your rivals with a hammer whenever you feel like it. Enjoy!

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