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Bob The Robber 4 Season 3: Japan


Explore traditional Japanese interiors, steal ancient relics and uncover mind-blowing secrets in Bob The Robber 4 Season 3: Japan. This time our hero is going to the land of the rising Sun with a special mission. Prepare for a variety of new enemies, unforgiving security systems and the toughest levels yet in this new installment of the popular franchise that combines stealth with puzzles and platforming.

Once you've started a new Bob The Robber 4 Season 3 game you will be presented with a level selection screen. There you can choose your next destination or replay the previous ones. Why would you want to revisit any previously cleared level, you might be asking? The reason is simple: the magnificent level design that features great attention to detail, a variety of memorable environments and amazing puzzles that work together to create a unique security system for you to figure out every single time.

There are, of course, some new mechanics for the player to explore this time around. In addition to lock picking, code breaking and data collecting, you will need to avoid scary mummies, hide in the shadows of Japanese homes, avoid mobile laser grids and stationery guns. The game conveys the atmosphere of modern Japan beautifully, making the hand-drawn surroundings feel surprisingly real.

If you are a fan of the series and have been longing for some great puzzle solving and stealth mechanics check out Bob The Robber 4 Japan, play through the missions several times and see how good of a thief you really are!

Bob The Robber 4 Season 3: Japan is one of the best Adventure Game you can play on Kevin Games.
This game works perfectly in modern browsers and requires no installation.
Bob The Robber 4 Season 3: Japan has been played by thousands of gamers who rated it 4.3 / 5 with 534 votes.

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    Comments (9)

    1. tina 24 may 2021, 22:01
      is not dat hard
      1. kcid 06 april 2021, 18:44
        this game is semi good
        1. Sricharan alavala 01 march 2021, 01:16
          this is so hard and super fun and challenging.
          1. CoOlSiSTeRGirL 25 february 2021, 19:25
            this game is hard i cant get through security
            1. souraya 01 february 2021, 16:13
              true really true
              1. nevaeh 20 december 2020, 21:24
                not really
                1. Kean D. Men 26 october 2020, 06:17
                  This game is so hard.
                  1. felip 14 november 2020, 06:03
                    1. souraya 01 february 2021, 16:13
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