Bob the Robber 3


Bob the Robber 3


Bob the Robber 3 continues the story of an unlikely hero whose special abilities include picking locks, breaking into high security buildings and becoming one with the shadows. A lot has changed for our protagonist since the beginning of his journey. He is now hired as an agent for a top secret mission and the only way to complete it is to outsmart every security guard, avoid every camera and uncover every valuable piece of information.

As usual, this installment of the franchise is available on pretty much any device imaginable: Bob the Robber 3 online runs smoothly, without any hiccups and delivers the best experience one could hope for. Walk left and right by pressing the appropriate arrow keys or A and D, press up or W to search for loot, activate a panel or pick a lock, use the Space bar to temporarily take out an enemy. Bob will hide in the shadows automatically as long as you don’t move, making him impossible to notice, however, this trick doesn’t work in the light.

If you are tired of endless unimaginative shooters and would like to try defeating your enemies in more sophisticated ways, sit down for a quick Bob the Robber 3 game and help our hero discover the darkest and most guarded secrets of the people running the show.