Slendrina Must Die The Cellar


Slendrina Must Die The Cellar


Slendrina Must Die - The Cellar is one of the chapters in the terrifying series of Slendrina games. This time it is up to you to explore a dark cellar filled with horrors of the Slender world. Selena (the main antagonist of the game) and her family are now accompanied by creepy minions crawling all around the claustrophobia inducing corridors. You got too close to uncovering the dark secrets of this place and were thrown into the basement. The only way to get out is to find 8 books hidden somewhere in the rooms.


Press W, A, S and D buttons to walk (press Space to jump, hold Shift to run and Ctrl to crawl). Aim with your mouse, left click to fire and right click to activate weapon sights. Change guns by turning the scroll wheel. Press R to reload, F to interact with items and C to prone out of cover.

How to play Slendrina Must Die – The Cellar

If you found yourself in the basement, you’ve gotten too close to the Slender Man’s secrets. The enemies are everywhere and you only have a limited selection of weapons to stop them. There is also no way to kill anyone completely – only to stop them in their tracks for a time. Try not too linger for too long, move as much as you can and avoid going into rooms unless you absolutely have to. Find the books and lift the curse of Slendrina!