Slendrina Must Die The Forest


Slendrina Must Die – The Forest is part of the Slender Man franchise of horror games based on urban legends. Selena Raina and her family are cursed manifestations that follow the player around a creepy forest. The only way to make it out of the woods is to uncover the terrible secret that binds the ghosts to this place. Seven keys are hidden somewhere outside, or maybe in one of the several abandoned buildings surrounded by gloomy trees – find them and avoid the monsters at all costs!


W, A, S, D – walk

Mouse – look around

Left Mouse Button – fire

Right Mouse Button – aim

Mouse Wheel – change weapons

G – grenades

R – reload

F – Pickup items

Left Shift – run

Left CTRL – crouch

E – prone

Space – jump

How to play Slendrina Must Die – The Forest

The gameplay will feel familiar to anyone who has ever played a first person shooter. Weapons and ammunition are scarce and only stop the enemies (Selena and her relatives) temporarily. Try not to spend too much time inside: some of the buildings may seem like good shelter, but in reality you can get surrounded by monsters very easily.

The woods are dark and the horrors hide behind every corner. Can you find all the keys to break the curse of Slendrina’s forest and find your way home?

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