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Car Impossible Stunt Driving Simulator is an online browser game. It is set right in the air. With picturesque views around, you drive over the road that is built in the sky. However, it’s designed to be very challenging. Jump into the racer and learn to overcome all the obstacles in your way.

Choose the Speeder

Instead of paging through the catalog of vehicles, you walk around and look at them. Formed in a circle around you, they look epic! However, not all of them are available from the start. You need coins to unblock huge trucks, retro models, etc. Jump into the green sports car and gun the engine to earn some cash.

Play Car Impossible Stunt Driving Simulator - Express Guide

You’ll need WASD to move and Space to use the brakes. Tap C to switch to the first-person view. The track is windy, with lots of challenges to survive. For example, there is a huge bludgeon swinging over a road section. If it hits you, you fall into the abyss.

Additionally, the curb is very low. It’s easy to bump into it and fly over. The outcome is death. It’s important to find the balance between speed and accuracy when driving.

Additional Features in the Realistic Game

You’ll deal with ramps as you proceed through the track. It’s usually followed by a big hole. Make sure it's the right momentum to jump up and fly over it.

The vehicle gets damaged. For instance, you may hit the hood and see a dent. This is bad, as it may influence the aerodynamic characteristics of your speeder. Try to avoid accidents.

Is It Possible to Join Without Downloading?

Some websites offer to enjoy browser titles for payment. As well as force you to install some files. It’s suspicious, as it’s not the way online toys work. Find a more reliable portal. For example, Kevin Games. Car Impossible Stunt Driving Simulator is free here. In addition, you don’t have to register or download anything to start. Just come and enjoy the content.

Car Impossible Stunt Driving Simulator is one of the best Realistic games you can play on Kevin Games.
This game works perfectly in modern browsers and requires no installation.
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    1. declan 09 september 2022, 13:48
      i love it
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          this game is kind of hard
          1. nomhla 10 march 2022, 09:28
            jamming tooo much
            1. patty 28 february 2022, 01:12
              your games are awsome