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Nina The Killer: Go to Sleep My Prince


Typically, slasher movies and video games tell the story from the survivors’ perspective. The slayer, on the other hand, often remains an abstract force of evil. However, even the most appalling villain has a backstory. And while nothing justifies murder, it is important to try and understand their reasoning. Nina The Killer: Go to Sleep My Prince takes horror to the next level. It provides a fascinating insight into the mind of an unusual maniac. This young lady’s psyche is troubled by her disturbing memories. Step into the shoes of an investigator who followed her to an abandoned asylum. Explore the premises, discover the truth about her past, connect the dots, and defeat her. Alternatively, become the lunatic queen herself to see her version of reality. Stab countless guards and find pages hidden in different rooms to remember what happened.

The Hunter and The Prey

Interactive thrillers tend to feature monsters and paranormal entities that haunt the player. This title takes a rather unique approach to laying out the narrative. This time, it is possible to control both the protagonist and the antagonist. This unconventional artistic technique aside, the experience has the following outstanding qualities:

  • 2 equally compelling modes that differ significantly in terms of gameplay
  • Realistic 3D graphics optimized for both modern and older machines
  • Interesting map design that showcases detailed interiors of a forsaken psych ward
  • Several powerful firearms with true-to-life recoil and bullet spread

The mechanics transform pretty drastically when switching between the two playstyles. Mastering both is required to paint a complete picture. Thankfully, FPS fans will quickly figure things out and feel right at home.

How to Play Nina The Killer: Go to Sleep My Prince

Walk in the desired direction with W, A, S, and D keys. Press Shift to sprint, CTRL to crouch, X to prone, and Space to jump. Click RMB to aim down sights and LMB to attack. As the antihero, escape from captivity by slashing the throats of the security personnel. As the detective, search the location for evidence to shed light on the recent homicides. Watch the companion dog’s behavior to identify when the enemy is about to strike. Shooting at the fugitive only temporarily incapacitates her. Assemble all the clues to deliver the final blow.

Defying traditional genre tropes is a challenging feat. But when talented creators are able to pull it off, the results are truly magnificent. Launch Nina The Killer: Go to Sleep My Prince for free in any popular browser. Enjoy its multi-layered storytelling and put the soul of the tragic psychopath to rest.

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This game works perfectly in modern browsers and requires no installation.
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    Comments (7)

    1. ghost 11 march 2022, 17:50
      not scary and needs better graphics
      1. Klaus Mikaelson 14 may 2022, 18:43
        It really doesn't really matter whether it's scary or not; It's about having fun so your comment is unnecessary If u dont like the game then just dont play it dont waste ur time typing a h8 comment
      2. Noah 18 january 2022, 23:01
        i know it is
        1. Caleigh 21 december 2021, 05:47
          This sounds scary
          1. Noah 18 january 2022, 23:02
            well it does not scare me bc im a man :
            1. Ghost 25 january 2022, 17:21
              So, it doesnt scare me and Im a woman
              1. Ghost 24 january 2022, 17:12
                It doesn't scare me because im a sociopath