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Snoring Elephant Puzzle (Transilvania)


An online game Snoring Elephant Puzzle (Transilvania) is not a jigsaw. It’s a challenging task to test your mental abilities. Each round is a combination of complicated sequences which you’re about to solve! Set your mind racing and have fun with cute pets that are celebrating Halloween.

Weird and Funny

The title features all kinds of animals: owls, giraffes, zebras, etc. They wear creepy clothes and have 1 goal. Namely, wake and scare their big friend with a trunk. They come up with complicated sequences to make it fun. Try to figure out their intentions. Complete rounds exactly the way they’ve planned it.

How to Play Snoring Elephant Puzzle (Transilvania)

When you dive in, you’ll see platforms at different levels. Your target is somewhere visible. It’s sleeping, so you’ll hear it because it’s loud. Click on any animal to see what they can do. For example, a cow only jumps. Giraffes are like bowling pins and fall pushing each other. A bat starts swirling and jumps off anything it touches.

The agenda is to tap on them at the right moment. And make them touch the big guy.
What Makes It Challenging
First of all, the timer at the upper part counts down seconds. It doesn’t mean the round is over once you run out of them. But if you manage to complete it fast, you’ll get more scores. They’re given in the form of stars. The max is 3. A tip: if you spot a donut, try to collect it to get better results.

Secondly, the matches get more complicated. You’ll deal with moving panels, holes, etc. It’ll seem impossible sometimes to deliver the pet to the elephant. The most important feature here is the right timing. Are you up for all 24 levels? Then come to Kevin Games. It’s a special portal with cool entertainment options. Snoring Elephant Puzzle (Transilvania) is free of charge, the same as other toys.

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This game works perfectly in modern browsers and requires no installation.
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