Pixel Warfare 4


Pixel Warfare 4 is another instalment in the popular franchise of browser shooters. This fourth iteration proudly stands on the shoulders of the giants that came before it and improves upon various aspects in many ways.

Just like before you are free to join available game modes including team vs team, regular deathmatch and even zombie outbreak. Whichever mode you choose every Pixel Warfare 4 game will give you all of the available weapons from the very beginning (unless you happen to become a zombie in the outbreak mode). Pistols, automatic firearms, machine guns, sniper rifles, grenade and rocket launchers can be selected at any time by scrolling the mouse wheel to accommodate any situation.

Most matches in Pixel Warfare 4 play out just like you would imagine given the chaotic nature and the lack of restrictions that the series is known for. You are free to explore rather spacious levels however you like, even if it means hiding, camping or waiting for enemies near their spawn points. Same goes for other players, though, so you always need to stay vigilant and select appropriate weapons in order to survive: while a sniper rifle is very effective out in the open it won’t do you much good in confined spaces – a shotgun seems like a preferable alternative.

Don’t hesitate to try out every Pixel Warfare 4 online mode – they are all fun in their own ways, so if you happen to get bored with classic deathmatch try teams or zombies instead. No matter your preferences you are pretty much guaranteed to enjoy this title if you are into FPS games.

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This game works perfectly in modern browsers and requires no installation.
Pixel Warfare 4 has been played by thousands of gamers who rated it 4.2 / 5 with 156 votes.

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      ITS mE!
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