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Given the choice, would you rather be the hunter or the prey? Although the answer seems obvious, fans of the incredibly popular survival party game Among Us don’t always have the option of enjoying the most fun aspect of its gameplay: being the alien whose task is to kill the crew members of the spaceship while pretending to be one of them. The game selects the impostor at random, so you will probably end up spending most of the time as one of the regular crewmen. Eventually, a team of dedicated developers were faced with the question: why can’t any fan of Among Us always be impostor whenever they want to? Isn’t following the unsuspecting survivors around the ship and suddenly striking from the shadows the most enjoyable part of the game? Why not make this particular aspect the focus of the entire experience?

Once again, the answer was obvious. After figuring out all the details, the resulting product exceeded all expectations: Always Imposter game looks and plays almost exactly like the original, but there is one key difference: you play as the alien 100% of the time. That way, you can enjoy the most exciting aspects of the game without having to wait for your turn. That’s right: you won’t have to perform meaningless maintenance tasks around the ship any longer. You will never have to keep watching your back, terrified of getting killed. Now you are the hunter at all times, while everyone else is there for you to kill – the only challenge is remaining unnoticed.

How to be impostor always

Given the popularity of the original, it is not surprising how many platforms it was ported to. Obviously, forcing the game to spawn you as the imposter on demand is not a trivial task. Some people were able to use various cheats and hacks to achieve this very goal. Unfortunately, that requires downloading potentially harmful programs or knowing how to code yourself. Others managed to install a mobile mod, however, it only worked on a specific version of the game created for portable devices. Such exploits don’t work consistently, moreover, they may lead to your account getting banned, depending on the platform and its policy. Instead of wasting time on looking for unnecessary tricks, it is much easier to simply play the newly developed Always Impostor on Android (apk), iOS (iPhone and iPad app), PC (Windows and Mac). The choice of the platform is completely up to you, however, there is one option that is particularly easy to obtain for free.

Play Always Imposter on Kevin Games

The most convenient and accessible way to play Always Imposter is in your favorite browser. Both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, as well as many other modern internet browsers, support hardware acceleration, which is required to be able to launch advanced games without installing them onto your machine. You will be pleased to learn, that on Kevin Games this title is free to play and available for you at any time, no matter where you are. There’s no need to pay for the game or even download it: simply open its page on the site and start playing as everytime imposter without any hassle! If you consider yourself a fan, do yourself a favor and try this new happymod without download – you won’t regret it. Thanks to the ingenuity of the developers, every time you launch the game, you will get the best experience possible without any downtime, and every time impostor will be your role to play. Are you ready to have some fun hunting down the crewmembers one by one? Can you handle them all without raising any suspicions and leave no survivors on board? You better be, because from now on only you will be the imposter every single time. Good luck!

Always Impostor is one of the best Arcade Game you can play on Kevin Games.
This game works perfectly in modern browsers and requires no installation.
Always Impostor has been played by thousands of gamers who rated it 4.5 / 5 with 2629 votes.

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  1. Detroit 04 march 2021, 00:22
    I like the real Among us more.
    1. krishna kumari 01 march 2021, 07:01
      nice game
      1. Logan✨ 28 february 2021, 19:43
        its so cool
        1. Kayla Nipper 28 february 2021, 16:42
          I love being Imposter
          1. Maci 02 march 2021, 23:21
            u always impo it called always impostor.(gasp)WOW!
          2. sulaiman adams 27 february 2021, 11:27
            I CANT WAIT TO PLAY
            1. ashonti 27 february 2021, 02:49
              i like this among us
              1. Thalia 25 february 2021, 16:35
                i love it
                1. Albus Potter 24 february 2021, 22:16
                  THIS GAME IS AWSOME
                  1. jay 24 february 2021, 17:55
                    hi ppl
                    1. chelsy 22 february 2021, 02:16
                      its nice
                      1. theotime 20 february 2021, 22:02
                        this game so cool. I like this games
                        1. theotime 20 february 2021, 22:01
                          hi how are you?
                          1. Lilian 19 february 2021, 02:25
                            It’s fun
                            1. Apple 15 february 2021, 19:51
                              It's actually pretty cool, a bit glitchy
                              1. naziir smith 15 february 2021, 16:51
                                i want to be crewmate make the real game
                                1. IMPOSTOR IS SANTA 12 february 2021, 02:33
                                  it's cool
                                  1. kyndall 10 february 2021, 20:30
                                    hi people
                                    1. hi 04 february 2021, 16:35
                                      it is gliching
                                      1. dean3856 02 february 2021, 18:06
                                        1. Gerson 02 february 2021, 14:26
                                          it is
                                          1. bella 01 february 2021, 19:34
                                            1. Ryleighplace 01 february 2021, 19:21
                                              1. Trisha 01 february 2021, 07:06
                                                1. NINJA boy 01 february 2021, 04:06
                                                  1. kartinaomg 31 january 2021, 23:37
                                                    1. Jennifer Ballard 31 january 2021, 18:21
                                                      HEY BIHHHHH
                                                      1. drj 31 january 2021, 04:27
                                                        1. jad 29 january 2021, 20:08
                                                          I AM SOOO BAD
                                                          1. I come in peace 29 january 2021, 14:11
                                                            I dont really like it but its fun
                                                            1. roman Vinogradov 29 january 2021, 13:42
                                                              ПРИКОЛЬНАЯ ИГРА НО ЗАГРУЖАЕТ ДОЛГО ОООООООООООООЧЕНЬ
                                                              1. Jesus 28 january 2021, 22:24
                                                                1. Ciha 28 january 2021, 03:29
                                                                  1. mbystransky 28 january 2021, 01:30
                                                                    1. Maya123 27 january 2021, 19:05
                                                                      me too
                                                                      1. jaume 27 january 2021, 14:49
                                                                        1. Yoo 29 january 2021, 06:12
                                                                        2. Jack 27 january 2021, 11:27
                                                                          1. dexter 26 january 2021, 17:57
                                                                            1. valeria 26 january 2021, 16:22
                                                                              1. melvin 26 january 2021, 00:13
                                                                                this is proo
                                                                                1. hggfgb 25 january 2021, 23:48
                                                                                  1. Niggas be like 25 january 2021, 19:17
                                                                                    easy game and fun lol challging to
                                                                                    1. katanna hamiltno 25 january 2021, 17:55
                                                                                      1. Shnai 28 january 2021, 19:09
                                                                                        1. hope 29 january 2021, 18:53
                                                                                          1. dalmaUwU 07 february 2021, 17:09
                                                                                      2. gilbartdesales 25 january 2021, 17:45
                                                                                        Love this game
                                                                                        1. Shnai 28 january 2021, 19:08
                                                                                          is it like the real among us
                                                                                          1. hope 29 january 2021, 18:53
                                                                                            1. gaming with kev 25 february 2021, 02:22
                                                                                          2. Jennifer Ballard 31 january 2021, 18:21
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