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Hospital Game - New Surgery Doctor Simulator mobile
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Hospital Game - New Surgery Doctor Simulator


Medicine is a fascinating area of expertise that combines scientific knowledge and specialized skills. Additionally, curing people of diseases, and relieving their pain is very rewarding. Start a Hospital Game - New Surgery Doctor Simulator online to become a virtual practitioner. Diagnose the visitor’s condition by examining them thoroughly. Determine the cause of their discomfort based on the symptoms. Isolate the problem and perform the required procedures to alleviate it. A true surgeon’s mind must be sharper than a scalpel. Every illness is a puzzle that only the brightest professionals can solve.

World’s Friendliest ER

A sudden visit to an emergency room can be a stressful experience. However, it’s important to keep things in perspective. The medics in charge of treating all sorts of injuries must always keep their cool. For them, even the most severe trauma is just another obstacle to overcome. The player’s tasks as one of the specialists will include:

  • Using diagnostic tools to figure out the source of discomfort
  • Cleaning and disinfecting wounds
  • Applying stitches and healing gels
  • Administering painkillers and meds
  • Performing minor and major surgeries

How to Play Hospital Game - New Surgery Doctor Simulator

Choose the patient from the main screen menu. Once they lay down on the examination table, evaluate their condition. As soon as the cause of their disease is clear, start making them better. Click and drag thermometers, band-aids, oxygen masks, and other medical tools. Move the cursor to the relevant area and release the button to apply. Sometimes a particular motion is required. For example, move the mouse left and right to clean dirt off the skin. Activating certain tasks starts a mini-game. Follow the on-screen instructions to mix a nutritious cocktail or a combination of drugs. When the diseased starts feeling better, you’re done. Pat yourself on the back and move on to the next case!
Taking care of those who need it the most is a difficult but rewarding job. Gaming lets you experience its ups and downs without putting yourself through stress. Enjoy this title along with dozens of similar ones on Kevin Games. Treat the most desperate patients and nurse them back to health.

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    1. Sara 19 november 2023, 19:58
      I want to be a vet but this is pretty close
      1. Laura Gee 23 april 2023, 09:06
        I love it
        1. Daanya 15 december 2022, 20:49
          I LOVE THIS GAME!!! It brings out my inner doctor!!!
          1. Lindsay 14 december 2022, 15:10
            Are you wanting to be a doctor?
            1. Melody 24 june 2022, 04:07
              This game is really great but it does not save my gaming process.
              1. Hannah 19 june 2022, 09:47
                yah right
                1. asyiah 22 march 2022, 15:27
                  this is the best games ever