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Shoot Your Nightmare: The Beginning


Scary video games rarely deliver truly thrilling experiences. The developers can spend months perfecting the controls and designing monstrous creatures without much luck. To be fair, the results are often pretty spooky, but only for a short time. The problem stems from the simple fact that players eventually figure the mechanics out. And when they stop fearing whatever is after them the process immediately becomes mundane. Shoot Your Nightmare: The Beginning is a horror of a different kind. Its undeniably terrifying imagery is based on an actual condition that affects millions of people. Step into the shoes of a war veteran suffering from PTSD-induced night terrors. Abominable mutants haunt him in his sleep. Cure his tortured soul by facing its darkest fears. Kill countless enemies or run away from them and save ammo. Collect 6 clocks hidden somewhere in an isolated compound and find a way out.

Demons Within

The majority of similar titles take a linear approach to storytelling. This one is more of a sandbox with no prearranged order of doing things. It also provides the means to fight back as opposed to constantly avoiding foes. The progression is rather open-ended which makes each playthrough feel fresh and unpredictable. On top of that, the creators have implemented the following noteworthy qualities:

  • Engaging gameplay that combines exploration and survival with intense firefights
  • Satisfying gunplay with realistic recoil and projectile dispersion
  • Cool 3D visuals with detailed models and textures
  • Interesting map design featuring both interior and exterior locations
  • Spine-shilling background music and sound effects

Despite the unusual premise, FPS fans will feel right at home. But even beginners should give this entry a try. While it is quite challenging, the number of attempts is unlimited. And finally accomplishing the mission is well worth the effort.

How to Play Shoot Your Nightmare: The Beginning

Walk around with WASD and aim with the mouse. Switch between weapons by rotating the scroll wheel and click LMB to shoot. Hold Shift to sprint, CTRL to crouch, and X to prowl. Unleash a melee attack with V and throw grenades with G. Press R to reload and F to interact with objects. Search the surroundings for supplies and quest items. The former are usually clearly visible while the latter are obscured by various obstacles. Evil entities spawn at random spots. Be careful not to get trapped in a corner with an empty magazine. Complete the objectives and return to the center of the stage to escape.

Prepare for an unforgettable journey into the depths of madness. Enjoy Shoot Your Nightmare: The Beginning for free in any capable browser without installation. Save the protagonist from the traumatic memories and banish them for good.

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