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Chained Tractor Towing Rescue


What is the most indispensable vehicle in terms of help and rescue activity? Play Chained Tractor Towing Rescue game and find out. Fulfill different tasks, control your character, and buy upgrades. In short, manage the routine of one particular tow truck.

First Things First

Before you start your work, pick up a vehicle. Go to your garage and choose the green one. So far, it is the only one available. However, later you will buy other models. They are more powerful and faster.

Tractor Game: Control Buttons and Objectives

Hold WASD to make your character move. If you need to pull up sharp, tap Space. The adventure offers 8 levels with different missions. For instance, dropping the train at the next station within 120 seconds. You get a reward if you are successful. Save it to later spend on better trucks.

Chained Tractor Towing Rescue Game Free: Difficulties

You may be surprised, but you will have a health bar. Sometimes the tracks are dangerous. There are steep slopes, stone falls, and sharp turns. If you fail to avoid them, you lose your life points.
Besides, sometimes it is hard to complete the mission on time. So, follow the yellow arrow that shows the way and gun the engine.

Picturesque Landscapes

The on-screen toy offers various routes. Most of them are in the mountains. You enjoy peaks covered in snow or green hillsides. Such attention to details speaks a lot about the professionalism of its developers.
Chained Tractor Towing Rescue game online is available without downloading. Being browser-based, it runs on any device with an internet connection. To join other adventures, welcome to Kevin Games. You are sure to find a title to your liking here.

Chained Tractor Towing Rescue is one of the best Tractor Game you can play on Kevin Games.
This game works perfectly in modern browsers and requires no installation.
Chained Tractor Towing Rescue has been played by thousands of gamers who rated it 3.7 / 5 with 26 votes.

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Chained Tractor Towing Rescue Video Walkthrough

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