Battle for the Galaxy


Battle for the Galaxy


Battle for the Galaxy is one of the most interesting and unconventional games you can play in your browser. At its core the gameplay falls into the real time strategy category, which is hard to come by these days. Couple that with amazing 2D graphics and a futuristic setting and you’ve got yourself an extremely addictive and memorable game.

Build and defend your base, create units, gather resources and establish dominance over the map. Send your troops into battle and see the enemy’s outposts crumble and burn before your eyes. And you can witness this glorious imagery whenever you want, wherever you are. Even an older machine can have Battle for the Galaxy online running in a capable browser.

Every round begins with a set of buildings that you can use to expand the base and create an army. Some units are available at all times, while others (like mechs or air support) may require additional resources and research centers. Once you feel like you’ve built up a force big enough you can chose to order an attack on the enemy base and see how well your troops perform in battle.

If you are a fan of tactical combat, resource management and sci-fi weaponry, try playing a quick Battle for the Galaxy game and you just might discover the best online strategy you’ve ever seen.