Frontline Commando Survival is a tactical first-person shooter with an unconventional structure: the game is split into short missions where you need to accomplish certain objectives with a predetermined set of tools at your disposal. Shoot down your enemies, find cover to avoid getting killed and look for armor and weapons to maximize your chances of survival!

This title plays just like any regular multiplayer game in the style of terrorists vs counter-terrorists tactical firefights. Control your character by pressing WSAD to walk and strafe,  press CTRL to crouch, Space to jump and left-click to shoot. Every mission has a set of conditions that determine its difficulty and your objectives: sometimes you need to kill one or two bad guys, other times you are on the verge of death and need to find a medkit before attacking the enemy. The levels are rendered in real time and feature a variety of interesting locations.

If you love the feel of competitive online shooters and would like to experience it in single player through interesting missions with unique objectives, Frontline Commando Survival is the perfect candidate to scratch that itch. It’s absolutely free and playable on any computer with a modern browser on board. Enjoy!

FRONTLINE COMMANDO SURVIVAL is one of the best Shooting Game you can play on Kevin Games.
This game works perfectly in modern browsers and requires no installation.
FRONTLINE COMMANDO SURVIVAL has been played by thousands of gamers who rated it 4.5 / 5 with 462 votes.

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  1. James 10 september 2020, 03:58
    i love this game
    1. Zomboy 18 october 2020, 03:30
      i aint stupid
      1. denis 09 november 2020, 16:51
        okay i pull up hop out at the after party you and all your friends love to get ():
        1. adam 14 november 2020, 04:14
          its compatable with controller :D!!!
          1. :( 24 november 2020, 08:51
            1. WENOTFROM63RDD 04 december 2020, 19:29
              1. WENOTFROM63RDD 10 december 2020, 18:15
                Bihh we not from 63rddd
                1. emmitt 10 december 2020, 20:53
                  hit c for third person then look at your character
                  1. Matthew 10 december 2020, 23:31

                    1. X-shot_games 10 december 2020, 23:54
                      1. Keyla12345 16 december 2020, 20:54
                        nice game
                        1. Alex 17 december 2020, 19:23
                          Why look at the character
                          1. willam 17 december 2020, 22:00
                            yall shut up yall aint even right exept the guy who sasid the game good
                            1. Eli 21 december 2020, 22:49
                              1. mr_dogfilip 20 january 2021, 08:54
                                this game is no amazing
                                1. TYRELLPXD 20 january 2021, 14:48
                                  this takes forever