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Mary Knots Garden Wedding Hidden Object


Welcome to Mary Knots Garden Wedding Hidden Object online. It’s one of the adventures staffed with activities to take part in. From selling old items, to decorating the backyard to make it look nice. And even worthy of a good wedding party!

Short about the Plot

Mary is a first-class designer from an international company. The tired woman takes a vacation and comes to her hometown to have a good time. But when Mary sees piles of unnecessary stuff, the girl decides to sell them. 
Spend the coins on improving the backyard. Maybe it’ll be perfect for a wedding? One person in town is looking for exactly such a place.

The Hidden Game: Mechanics

Rooms are messy with all kinds of stuff: toys, books, old musical instruments, statuettes, etc. You’ve already posted an ad about the sale. Clients come and ask for a particular object. Your goal is to:
find it
click on it
take the money a person leaves
However, there are some difficulties. First of all, people don’t want to wait for ages. An indicator shows their patience. Once it is drained, they leave. Note that you can play without any time restrictions. Just go to the settings and turn on Relax Mode. Secondly, there are lots of items in one room. Locating something in particular is a real challenge. Thirdly, some places don’t have a lamp. It is pitch dark, so you’ll need a torch.
The last difficulty level is when you memorize an entire list of things. And then search for them without looking at the list! As you see, it is not as easy as one may expect.

Play Mary Knots Garden Wedding Hidden Object and Get Some Help

Luckily, there are some hints. They are handy if a tiny element is nowhere to see. Located in the lower part, it looks like a magnifying glass. It’s not limitless, so use it wisely. Moreover, you can scroll the mouse wheel and zoom in on particular areas. This way, you have a better view of the details.

What are the Coins for?

Once you earn enough in-game currency, go to the backyard. It is awful. Everything is poorly managed, so you’ve decided to buy new things and decorate. Buy better chairs, a wooden summer house, and other elements. One day, you’ll make it fantastic! Your best friend Emma has a client who needs such a venue for the wedding. What a coincidence that you’ll  have it and are happy to help!

Starting a New Journey with Us

Enjoy Mary Knots Garden Wedding Hidden Object free of charge. Level up to unlock new game features. Earn money and make your backyard shine. The title is available on Kevin Games. Come and play!

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