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Little Alchemy is a unique puzzle game with interesting crafting mechanics where you can create your own little universe with only four basic elements: air, earth, fire and water. Combine the building blocks of nature, create materials, natural phenomena and even civilizations! Use logic and basic understanding of how the world operates to predict the outcome of certain combinations or simply keep experimenting it you are unsure how to proceed - the results will often surprise you.

Fans of Little Alchemy play it all the time, usually keeping it in the background, taking breaks when necessary and getting right back to it whenever convenient. Every little step of progress made, every new element discovered and every object unlocked will be saved, so there is no need to worry about losing what you've accomplished.

An instance of Little Alchemy game can go on for days before you can figure out all the possible paths and reach the final stages of development. Combine fire and water to create steam, heat up the earth for a little bit of lava or add water to get some mud. You can then apply fire to mud and make bricks that can be put together to create basic structures - walls, houses and eventually cities. This is only one example of how you can approach the gameplay and breath life into your own creations.

There is no stress involved when playing this game: it was designed with relaxation, mindfulness and careful thinking in mind. If you like meddling with the very fabric of reality or even if you are simply into crafting, start a game of Little Alchemy online and enjoy the process of creation and discovery at your own pace.

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This game works perfectly in modern browsers and requires no installation.
Little Alchemy has been played by thousands of gamers who rated it 4.6 / 5 with 487 votes.

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    Comments (33)

    1. Surus 24 march 2021, 18:03
      i played for an hour and got 114 items
      1. SpaceX 18 march 2021, 20:33
        1. Joe Potter Butler 24 february 2021, 19:27
          i only have 559/560
          1. brianne ash 24 february 2021, 19:12
            How do you make metal?
            1. SpaceX 18 march 2021, 20:07
              lava + stone = metal
              1. Noella Burgett 13 april 2021, 17:48
                How do you make stone?
              2. SpaceX 18 march 2021, 20:06
                I MADE GOLD
                I made DIAMOND
                I MADE DIAMOND
              3. lily 24 february 2021, 15:39
                this game is quite good
                but, how do you make gold
                1. YouCrackMeUp 10 february 2021, 13:02
                  I made GOLD!!!
                  1. If brb.isn't Jeff if him going by!jh fg 21 february 2021, 16:35
                    How do you make sun
                    1. lily 24 february 2021, 15:53
                      you mix sky and fire
                  2. emliy 08 february 2021, 02:28
                    sun + metal = gold!
                    1. emliy 08 february 2021, 02:23
                      i use a lot of things to mix and got a lot of things!!!
                      1. emliy 08 february 2021, 02:22
                        to cool make me learn so much cool things
                        1. william afton 05 february 2021, 01:52
                          wow will it kill
                          1. Evangelene from wakfu 02 february 2021, 06:18
                            Oh this game is awsome
                            1. lizeth 31 january 2021, 04:33
                              it is so good
                              1. Joe Potter Butler 27 january 2021, 19:10
                                and fire
                                1. Joe Potter Butler 27 january 2021, 19:09
                                  what can you add to water
                                  1. Juan Hua Huang 29 january 2021, 02:17
                                    1. Joe Potter Butler 30 january 2021, 20:28
                                  2. Joe Potter Butler 26 january 2021, 19:41
                                    1. Rebecca 18 january 2021, 16:33
                                      im a tryhard
                                      1. Rebecca 18 january 2021, 16:33
                                        i love this game
                                        1. jayden 15 january 2021, 16:08
                                          1. thicc bih 21 december 2020, 20:31
                                            bruh lmaooooooo
                                            1. nike 15 december 2020, 22:29
                                              1. Bellaplays fornite 21 december 2020, 23:03
                                              2. ARIEL 05 december 2020, 00:49
                                                1. heey 19 september 2020, 21:46
                                                  1. Kate 16 june 2020, 17:26
                                                    I really like this
                                                    1. Mila 15 may 2020, 01:18
                                                      This app is a good way to learn the elements
                                                      1. hi 20 january 2021, 00:17
                                                        yeah it is! but i cant commet
                                                      Kevin Games textads Kevin Games 24adscript