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Exciting real-time strategy, with participation of gamers from different countries and continents will not leave anyone indifferent. Finally, you don’t need to run on the field chasing the opponent. Now you need to think carefully, before you make a right decision.

This is a tower defense game, but in completely different way than you accustomed. You start playing with small area, which is limited by circle. This area is your country. To protect it, you need to create strongholds. Earned points you can spent on purchase of different improvements. For example, a simple turret will defend your lands, and generator will increase the speed of creation defensive points.

In «» expand and build up your Kingdom to the maximum, and then conquer enemy lands. With this your own army build laboriously from nothing will help you. Shoot from the tanks, send in attack your soldiers. Invading enemy territory, conquering it, you will make your Kingdom more powerful.

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