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EG Monkey Legend


Classic side-scrollers will never go out of style. Walking from left to right, jumping between platforms, and killing baddies just works. Fans of this type of gameplay should try a quick EG Monkey Legend game online. Help the cute protagonist get to the end of the level without dying. Hit enemies with a hammer and avoid falling into pitfalls. Find your way through the mighty jungle and walk out unscathed. What treasures and secrets are hidden on this mysterious island? Press start, and find out.

A Primate Adventure

Titles that look similar on paper are not created equal. On Kevin Games, some stand out among the rest. The playstyle may be exactly the same, but it’s the implementation that matters. In this case, the developers did a fantastic job of making their creation entertaining. Here are just a few of its traits:

  • Dozens of meticulously designed levels
  • A variety of platforming mechanics
  • Comprehensive character customization
  • Appealing visuals and memorable music

The environments are a joy to explore because of how fluid the movement is. Sometimes it’s rewarding to stray off the beaten path. Hidden chests contain bonuses that can help in the future. Finding 3 out of 3 stars creates a sense of accomplishment. The amount of the content is astonishing and discovering it never gets old.

How to Play EG Monkey Legend game

Press the Arrow keys to move left, right, and up. Press Space to jump, and X to attack. Use double jumps, and hop between 2 opposite walls in hard-to-reach areas. Look for coins to maximize your score. Find secret passages that lead to treasure troves containing various bonuses. Wings let you hover in mid-air. The shield provides protection from enemy attacks. The magnet attracts banana-coins from afar, and the x2 icon doubles the rewards.
Nothing compares to a competent platformer when it comes to gaming. This title is a real diamond in the rough that deserves more attention. Satisfying progression makes every EG Monkey Legend game free of any downtime. Give it a try, and get hooked for hours. Enjoy its stellar gameplay, wonderful environments, and smooth controls.

EG Monkey Legend is one of the best Monkey Game you can play on Kevin Games.
This game works perfectly in modern browsers and requires no installation.
EG Monkey Legend has been played by thousands of gamers who rated it 4.1 / 5 with 64 votes.

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  • What is EG Monkey Legend?

    ⭐⭐⭐ EG Monkey Legend - Is an awesome game in the Monkey Games genre. On our website, you can play EG Monkey Legend in a browser free of charge. 🧐

  • How to play EG Monkey Legend?

    🎮🎮🎮 These types of Monkey Games are usually controlled with the mouse or keyboard, sometimes both. 🤔

  • How to hack EG Monkey Legend?

    👎👎👎 We strongly discourage the use of cheats in EG Monkey Legend, play fair. Downloading cheats can also infect your computer with harmful software, so be careful! 🤗

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