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Gaming is becoming increasingly popular and more cool releases appear on the market every year. But consequently, it gets harder to find something truly innovative and original. Thankfully, there is always room for ingenuity. Pencil Cut is a game that combines puzzle and action into a unique and effective blend. Draw lines on a sheet of paper to reveal the picture it conceals. Continue gradually outlining portions of the page until it’s completely gone. Stay away from dangerous erasers. If they interrupt the line, the progress will be lost. Bring color back into the boring black-and-white world and liberate numerous neat drawings.

Oddly Satisfying

Despite its fairly straightforward gameplay, this title is surprisingly gripping. The process of slowly capturing parts of the stage is meditative and relaxing. But at the same time, it’s challenging enough to be stimulating. Moreover, Pencil Cut runs online without installation and supports multiple platforms. Newcomers will especially appreciate the following advantages:

  • Unusual and incredibly addicting mechanics
  • Huge variety of hand-crafted layouts
  • Dozens of high-quality illustrations depicting cute animals, plants, objects, and other colorful designs
  • Intuitive controls that feel responsive, consistent and reliable
  • Crisp-looking 2D graphics with a pleasant color palette

The resulting experience is both soothing and engaging. Each level introduces a new intriguing mystery to figure out. It’s a perfect way to kill some time that never feels repetitive or mind-numbing.

How to Play Pencil Cut 

Press either WASD or the Arrow keys to move in the desired direction. The graphite core automatically leaves a trail behind. Venture out to start creating a shape and finish it to capture the outlined part. Doing so should eliminate a portion of the graph paper uncovering the image underneath. The erasers move sporadically all over the place. Avoid touching them at all costs. When they get close, return to the outer perimeter where they can do no harm. Seizing large chunks awards more points but is much riskier. Keep retracing the contour and wait for the right moment to do that safely. Earn coins and spend them at the store to unlock rare skins.

Strategy Tips

The difficulty curve is fairly low but the later challenges may require several retries. Fortunately, Pencil Cut is free and available without any limitations at the player’s convenience. Don’t be afraid to fail and try again. Strike the right balance between risk and reward to accomplish the task masterfully. For those struggling, here are a few helpful suggestions:

  • There is no need to rush or get greedy. Be patient, and let the favorable opportunity present itself.
  • Don’t worry about taking over the entire area. Exposing about 80-90% counts as a victory.
  • Strive to make simple straight lines crossing the sheet either vertically or horizontally. This minimizes the number of keystrokes as well as the chances of being disrupted.
  • The erasers follow a specific trajectory that changes only when they hit a wall. Use that to predict their patterns.

With this information, achieving success should be a breeze. Put it to the test, and see noticeable improvements almost immediately.
Sometimes, the most basic formulas turn out to be extraordinarily entertaining. This addition to the genre has every chance of becoming a viral sensation. Check out Pencil Cut now, before other gamers catch on. Launch it directly in the browser window using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or another client. Enjoy a quick session during the commute or while taking a work break. Have a blast completing several missions in a row and come back for more.

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This game works perfectly in modern browsers and requires no installation.
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