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lay Friday Night Funkin' Nights at Freddy's game mod to face an extremely challenging task. Inspired by a cool horror franchise Five Nights at Freddy’s, it presents familiar characters. But this time around they are not trying to kill anyone. A new music-driven environment suits them perfectly. Are you ready to hone your reaction, speed, and accuracy? Dive in!

Basics to Know

Original adventures challenge a player to survive 5 shifts in a creepy restaurant. It is filled with cameras and animatronics, who move in shadows. And want to tear you apart. A huge success of the franchise has led to numerous remakes.

But in this toy you are about to participate in a violent music battle! Of course, there won’t be any blood. But you’ll most likely lose several times before you really get the hang of it. Competing with different horrifying creatures, your goal is to outsing them. As the melody flows, try to click on the right sequence of arrows. Falling from above, they must perfectly fit into their outlines in the lower part. Although it seems simple, it is not that easy to implement in practice.

Sessions in Friday Night Funkin' Nights at Freddy's Game Online

The first round is there to show you the mechanics. But don’t expect it to be easy to get through. There are 7 levels in total with their own titles. You are sure to be amazed by the complexity they offer. And they keep going up gradually. It means that the last one is really close to "mission impossible". By the way, pick any from the list you want, they are not locked.

FNF – Funkin' Nights at Freddys Game: Mighty Characters

Your opponents are 4 scary animatronics. Be it a huge bear in a derby hat… Or the one with a glove puppet… No matter who you battle against, they are all pros. And the last level pits you against a monster from nightmares made of wires. He performs like a god! Can you reach the mastery to beat him?

Where to Play

Enjoy Friday Night Funkin' Nights at Freddy's game free of charge on our website. Choose your difficulty mode (easy, normal, hard) and avoid any mistakes. Besides, Kevin Games hosts the original adventures of the FNF franchise. Try these legendary virtual toys to learn more about the characters. And experience a mix of emotions: thrill, excitement, and terror.

Friday Night Funkin' Nights at Freddy's is one of the best FNF Mods you can play on Kevin Games.
This game works perfectly in modern browsers and requires no installation.
Friday Night Funkin' Nights at Freddy's has been played by thousands of gamers who rated it 4.4 / 5 with 2599 votes.

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    Comments (15)

    1. tron 05 march 2023, 15:37
      Not great
      1. AlfaaOmegaa 18 december 2022, 18:29
        Its so fun and not too hard at all,broken was pretty easy
        1. LunarMoon 05 october 2022, 21:14
          1. lynnae 18 april 2022, 16:58
            omg love fnf but fnaf?amzing!
            1. nightmare fredbear 02 april 2022, 20:45
              fun but hard
              1. wither bonnie 31 march 2022, 21:30
                muhahhahhahaha :) i wanna be friend
                1. Alexander 31 march 2022, 02:03
                  Toooooooooooooooooooooo harrrrrrrrrd
                  1. Phantom 12 march 2022, 23:28
                    I'm so good on firs f but not second
                    1. isaac 02 march 2022, 01:27
                      like it freddy
                      1. yeeshy 10 december 2021, 22:38
                        pls save me
                        1. kindley keyin 25 october 2021, 10:08
                          If you want to see more Kevine games hit the like button
                          1. zoey 12 september 2021, 02:32
                            ITS SO HARD BUT I LIKE IT
                            1. viona 31 august 2021, 19:23
                              SO FUNNNNNN COMMENT
                              1. viona 31 august 2021, 19:22
                                IT SO FUNN
                                1. Mason and Laila Hastings 13 june 2023, 09:33
                                  No It’s not fun I keep losing