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An online game City Scooter Ride Coloring is a chance to improve your art skills. Learn to use a digital brush and paint vehicles with any colors. They’re presented in the form of sketches. Turn them from black-and-white templates into bright pictures. Good news: the title is available from any device.

No Limitations

Try the adventure to see 8 models of bikes. Some look advanced and powerful, others are classical retro machines. You’ll even deal with Santa’s metal horse! And all that content is available right away. No need to unlock the rounds one by one. Just pick the sketch to your liking and show off your talent.

How to Play City Scooter Ride Coloring

The middle of the screen features a piece of paper. This is where you’ll draw. The palette is in the lower part. Pick any of 23 hues. Need to change the thickness of the brush? Click on the cells to your left. 5 in total, they are of different sizes. This instrument allows you to work both with big and small details.

If you think that a lonely bike looks unnatural, draw a human riding it. You can also change the environment around the sketch. Add buildings, trees, the road, and other elements to make it a complete picture. Use the LMB to perform actions.

Tips to Have a More Beautiful Image

  • Choose thin brushes to work on small details
  • Opt for thick ones to simply fill an area with color
  • Make slow moves to create a line. If you speed up, you’ll get a row made of circles instead

Don’t forget to save your results. Tap PrintScreen on your PC. But this way the image will have additional elements such as browser and tabs. There is a better method.

Hold the combinations Shift+Windows+S to select the area. Save only what you want, cutting away unnecessary pieces. Try City Scooter Ride Coloring free from signing in on Kevin Games.

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This game works perfectly in modern browsers and requires no installation.
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    🎮🎮🎮 These types of Scooter Games are usually controlled with the mouse or keyboard, sometimes both. 🤔

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    👎👎👎 We strongly discourage the use of cheats in City Scooter Ride Coloring, play fair. Downloading cheats can also infect your computer with harmful software, so be careful! 🤗

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