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The browser gaming market is not known for ongoing franchises. Most players couldn’t care less about overarching storylines and recurring characters. They are looking for something simple, fun, and straightforward to relax while taking a break. However, there are examples of successful titles that feature numerous installments. For example, the adventures of 2 elemental heroes have become hugely popular over the years. Exploring ancient ruins, solving their puzzles, and overcoming challenges was super entertaining. And now the latest entry is here to blow both veterans and newcomers away. Start a session of Fireboy & Watergirl 6: Fairy Tales online and continue the journey. Explore a completely new temple riddled with secrets, mysteries, and contraptions. Control both characters at once or invite a friend to have a coop run. Completing the stages requires platforming finesse and a sharp mind. But accomplishing the task is always rewarding and worth the effort.

Perfectly Balanced

Usually, when a studio invents an effective gameplay formula, countless competitors copy it immediately. Yet somehow, no one was able to recreate the beauty and ingenuity of this series. Following in the footsteps of its predecessors, Fireboy & Watergirl 6 game is a side-scroller. And just like before, the protagonists have to work together in order to proceed. If one cannot reach a platform, the other comes to the rescue and lowers it. They take turns activating levers and pushing blocks to eventually finish the mission. The fanbase will be pleased to learn that their favorite traits remain unchanged, namely:

  • Familiar mechanics of gradual progress through cooperation
  • Crisp 2D graphics with a recognizable visual style and smooth animations
  • Comfortable single keyboard input
  • Classic music and satisfying sound effects creating a memorable atmosphere

But what about innovations that the IP became famous for in the first place? There are plenty of those in this addition. Here’s what gamers have to look forward to:

  • 30 hand-crafted levels with meticulously thought out layouts and assets
  • Magical fairies that can help overcome previously unfeatured types of obstacles
  • Miscellaneous improvements for maximum enjoyment

The sixth chapter not only meets the quality standard but pushes the envelope further. It is arguably the best of the bunch by far in terms of map design. But it also won’t disappoint the veterans who simply want more of the same.

How to Play Fireboy & Watergirl 6: Fairy Tales

First-timers should learn the ropes in a quick tutorial. It introduces the audience to the basics in an interactive way. The fire guy cannot stand in liquids. His water girlfriend gets damaged by lava. Run and jump with WASD and the Arrow keys. Press them simultaneously or switch between the two when necessary. Push buttons on the floor by walking over them. Additionally, hold and drag LMB to move fireflies whenever they are available. They are capable of activating special lanterns of corresponding colors. But the white variation is compatible with them all. Use these abilities and characteristics to clear the way and make it to the exit. Do it within the time limit and collect all the gems to maximize the score.

The team behind this amazing saga has succeeded once again. Their most recent brainchild is just as engaging and stimulating as before. And as always, the developers made Fireboy & Watergirl Fairy Tales free. Seize the opportunity to become a pioneer who unlocks and investigates all the chambers. Assist the couple in achieving their goal that awaits at the center of the labyrinth.

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    1. chris 19 november 2021, 15:37
      this game is so fun and hilarious… i love it so mich and so does my daughyter im 31m