Another novelty- game «». Funny little rectangular creatures, very angry and armed to the teeth. They live on the different planets, which are constantly moving in the space.

They hold on them, thanks to the forces of gravity. However its possible to overcome the gravity, and fly freely in the interstellar space, jumping from one planet on another. You have to be very careful and cautious. There are many of these tiny men everywhere, who very briskly twist their arms, shooting their ammunition. This game is very funny and exciting, but on the early stages on the game you will be frequently get killed.

Thanks to the special information panel, you can easily follow level of your health and number of bullets. If you find yourself on the verge of death, find the first aid kit, it will restore part of vital energy. All your actions are obeyed to the laws of gravity. So, shell launched along celestial body, will move in a circle around it. There is even a ricochet, which can kill you, or you can use into your advantage.