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Offroad SUV Extreme Car Driving Simulator


Welcome to the Offroad SUV Extreme Car Driving Simulator Online. It’s a browser-based video game dedicated to city driving. Its features are very close to reality. The vehicle is intuitive to your commands. That’s why it’s easy to imagine yourself behind the wheel. Besides, you can do absolutely anything. Ready? Hop in and hit the gas!

Controlling Your Racer

The 3D settings have cool graphics and detailed surroundings. Each element is well-drawn and contributes to the atmosphere of a big city. Use WASD to control your vehicle. Hold Space to make it stop. Another advantage is the opportunity to switch from the 3d to the 1st person view. Or even to the side of the car. It’s perfect for epic photos but absolutely useless in action. You simply can’t see where you’re heading. Avoid bumping into objects. Otherwise, you’ll damage the racer.

Play Offroad SUV Extreme Car Driving Simulator: Mode Selection

There are 3 modes available:

  1. Free. It’s a map for you to explore. Go anywhere you want. Collect cards with bonuses. You’ll see them on the map. As well as the number of meters to drive to get to them. Perform crazy stunts both outside and within the city. Get to know the car and its movement better.
  2. Check point. It offers a variety of levels to complete. 10 in total, they offer to go through each one step by step. Reach a blue column, touch it and proceed to the next one. If you miss, you have to return. Mind the timer and watch how many targets are left in the left corner. The last one will be golden.
  3. Traffic. It presents lively streets with other road participants. Be careful when rushing through rows of cars. Try to avoid hurting both yourself and other people. Another advantage of the mode is that it’s hooking. Dozens of quests are littered around for you to participate in. For example, drive really fast past speed cameras. 

A Cool Digital Adventure

Want to enjoy the Offroad SUV Extreme Car Driving Simulator free of charge? There’s a website that is worth paying attention to. Try it on Kevin Games, as well as other entertainment options.

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    1. amphu 22 february 2023, 18:55
      i hate it really no blinkerds please add blinkers
      1. QuItE as a moUsE 16 october 2022, 04:38
        This could be better not gonna lie
        1. Babyface Jay VIP 14 december 2021, 00:48
          Thisis ok
          1. Annoyed 06 october 2022, 20:29
            forgot the space dude