Google Feud


Google Feud is a fresh re-imagining of a television game show where the contestants are given various phrases and try to take their best guesses as to how the audience chose to finish those phrases. The trick is to imagine what the most popular responses would be, not what is necessarily the most logical. In this case the results are based on Google autocomplete suggestions instead, so the player’s goal is to estimate the most searched variation of a certain inquiry.

Every Google Feud game starts with selecting one of four categories. There are phrases rooted in general culture, people and individual issues, popular celebrity names and questions of any kind. Here’s an example: “Why is my skin...” - what would be the most popular ending to this question? Probably many people try to find out why their skin is dry or oily. Both of these options will be somewhere in the top search results and will grant you a good amount of points. The more guesses you take, the trickier it gets. If you make three mistakes the round will be over and you will have to start a new game.

One cool thing about this title is that it is very accessible and doesn’t require any additional knowledge as long as you are familiar with the basics of how the Internet operates. There is also no need to install it – you can play Google Feud online in your browser window from any PC, Mac or other device.

Ultimately what makes the guessing so much fun is the fact that you get some interesting insights about what goes on through the humanity’s hive mind during our everyday life. What does the majority of people look for when they start typing “I love...” into the search bar? What kind of questions start with: “What is my...”? If you think you won’t have any problems figuring that out in Google Feud play a couple of rounds and find out how accurate your assumptions are.

Google Feud is one of the best Thinking Game you can play on Kevin Games.
This game works perfectly in modern browsers and requires no installation.
Google Feud has been played by thousands of gamers who rated it 3.7 / 5 with 198 votes.

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  1. nana yin 21 september 2020, 21:25
    1. sage 28 september 2020, 18:56
      1. Elizabeth R Dexter 15 december 2020, 01:54
        I am having trouble I’ve zero points
        1. larry laurier giasson 04 january 2021, 01:59
          1. laurier Giasson 09 january 2021, 02:09
            are you guys even real-_-?
          2. brian 30 december 2020, 08:21
            it is not hard there is a hack
          3. Rylee Hurlocker 08 october 2020, 19:54
            this is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard
            1. Grace 14 december 2020, 07:50
            2. judy 15 november 2020, 07:46
              very easy
              1. Nour 08 december 2020, 17:12
                What are people searching
                1. ILLAG3R 13 december 2020, 07:08
                2. amanda ostergard 11 december 2020, 18:36
                  this game is a pain an my ass
                  1. Amy 13 december 2020, 03:35
                    just type in the question on google don't hit the enter button and just type all the result things
                    1. Grace 14 december 2020, 07:48
                      Hi my name is Grace
                      1. Grace 14 december 2020, 07:49
                        1. Bùi Ngọc Thanh Nhã 14 december 2020, 14:30
                          1. leen sharif 15 december 2020, 05:20
                            hi its a realy fun game i want to be friends with you can i
                            1. leen sharif 15 december 2020, 05:22
                              hi my name is leen i have to much names
                              1. Sindy 17 december 2020, 06:58
                                Extremely Haaaard
                                1. jessica 18 december 2020, 10:38
                                  I know
                                2. jessica 18 december 2020, 10:37
                                  1. jessica 18 december 2020, 10:38
                                    this is so hard!
                                    1. time 20 december 2020, 00:37
                                      i cheated lololololololol
                                      1. Pro gamez 22 december 2020, 13:41
                                        Hard game
                                        1. toka20_2020 24 december 2020, 14:54
                                          1. Kash 28 december 2020, 17:17
                                            1. brian 30 december 2020, 08:24
                                              not hard
                                            2. brian 30 december 2020, 08:23
                                              you really have to just try and you may be lucky i did it 5 times in a row
                                              1. larry laurier giasson 04 january 2021, 01:59
                                                1. Persephone 07 january 2021, 00:12
                                                  This game is so hard because I am pregnant with 5 and about to deliver so I can't think stryt!
                                                  1. Persephone 07 january 2021, 00:13
                                                    1. isabella 08 january 2021, 17:20