Arcade Golf Neon


Arcade Golf Neon


Arcade Golf Neon is a casual golf simulator with a side view, simple concept and great controls. The player's task is to make the golf ball fall into a hole by hitting it from a certain angle and at a certain speed. Every level has a different surface that you need to consider when making your moves. The less hits it takes you to reach the hole, the higher your score.

A regular Arcade Golf Neon game may take anywhere from literally seconds to minutes and hours: the level's structure appears before your eyes with a flashy retro-futuristic effect and sometimes it takes a while to get used to the gaps and elevations of a particular stage.

Intuitive and responsive controls of Arcade Golf Neon play a big part in its success. To hit the ball click the left mouse button and drag the cursor until you've reached the desired force. Change the angle by dragging the mouse up and down. Finally, release the button and watch the ball reach its destination. If it hasn't fallen into the hole, repeat until it does.

If you ever find yourself looking for a relaxing and engaging way to pass some time, open an instance of Arcade Golf Neon online in a browser tab and enjoy its great visuals, satisfying gameplay and interesting levels.