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The idea of teaching kids personal safety with cartoon characters has been around for years. Needless to say, people grew pretty tired of the patronizing moralistic tone of such messages. That fatigue led to the creation of countless spoofs. Eventually, they spread into other entertainment mediums including gaming. Silly Ways to Die Adventure 2 is a free puzzle that captures that spirit perfectly. It features several memorable protagonists inspired by classic PSAs. However, despite the seemingly innocent style, this franchise is known for its over-the-top death scenes. The sequel to the previous installment brings back the original charm and introduces numerous improvements. Control the brainless creatures and protect them from all kinds of hazards. Overcome obstacles and defeat enemies by virtue of intellect, quick reflexes, and ingenuity.

The Silly Games Saga Continues

The second chapter doubles down on the fantasy esthetics and successfully combines several subgenres. It’s never immediately obvious what to do. Players have to figure that out on their own and implement the solution. The formula works surprisingly well in the medieval DND-like context. Here’s what newcomers can expect from their first playthrough:

  • Fast-paced and engaging gameplay that intertwines creative problem-solving with exploration and combat
  • Dozens of unique levels that always keep challengers on their toes
  • Signature sense of humor that is simultaneously edgy and wholesome
  • Wide variety of dangerous situations that often result in hilariously brutal outcomes
  • Crisp and colorful 2D graphics with an outstanding quality of illustrations

Overall, this title is a solid addition to the colorful and absurd universe. It’s perfect for first-timers but long-time fans will also find it utterly delightful.

How to Play Silly Ways to Die Adventure 2

Left-click or tap to perform various actions. They depend entirely on the specifics of the current stage. In some scenarios, LMB is responsible for jumping, in others for throwing projectiles. Every single screen presents a new set of challenges that change the mechanics unpredictably. Hop between falling platforms, evade bombs, go through portals, and watch out for spikes. Collect gold coins to gain bonus points and strive to achieve the highest score possible.
Important life lessons have never been so persuasive and fun. Enjoy Silly Ways to Die Adventure 2 online on Kevin Games. Launch it without installation and keep the helpless dummies out of trouble.

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