Snakes3D is a modern interpretation of the classic snake games beloved not only by gamers but even by casual users around the world who grew up before smartphones were a thing. This re-imagining features fully rendered 3D environments and multiplayer along with the same old familiar mechanics that we are so used to.

Playing a Snakes 3D game feels exactly like you would imagine: slither your way through grassy flatlands, consume food to grow bigger and longer and don’t crash into walls, other snakes or your own tail. Press left and right arrow keys to steer – that’s all there is to it. There are a couple of things to keep in mind though: you cannot stop or slow down and it’s not particularly easy to manoeuvre, so it’s best to think about where you will want to go next in advance.

Dozens of gamers can play Snakes3D online on the same map which makes the process even more fun, unpredictable and chaotic in the best way possible. You never know what awaits behind a rock or a patch of grass and it’s impossible to predict precisely where your rivals will turn up unexpectedly.

If you are a fan of classic arcade games but haven’t tried Snakes 3D play it just for a couple of minutes and make up your own mind – you will probably enjoy this title and appreciate the developers’ efforts to bring a retro experience to a new level by enhancing the visuals and spicing things up with multiplayer.

Snakes3D is one of the best Adventure Game you can play on Kevin Games.
This game works perfectly in modern browsers and requires no installation.
Snakes3D has been played by thousands of gamers who rated it 3.7 / 5 with 468 votes.

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  1. lupembe 17 january 2021, 00:28
    1. Haya Sameh 15 january 2021, 15:47
      I love it
      1. eskelito 08 january 2021, 02:23
        1. ALFONSO AGUILAR 04 january 2021, 18:53
          1. lauren 02 january 2021, 01:26
            it dos not really work for me but it looks cool
            1. lauren 02 january 2021, 01:25
              1. Guest6646 18 december 2020, 19:09
                yo wut up dudes
                1. brandon 17 december 2020, 15:48
                  1. Mika 16 december 2020, 17:53
                    Be safe
                    1. brandon 17 december 2020, 15:51
                      i luov
                    2. Mika 16 december 2020, 17:51
                      1. DaQuane Sutherland 15 december 2020, 18:12
                        1. ShellPro86 14 december 2020, 21:05
                          I'M A SSSSAKE
                          1. name 13 december 2020, 20:50
                            i love this game but onistly in nets to get fixt
                            1. name 28 november 2020, 09:55
                              this game is slow needs more elements
                              1. Ice225 28 september 2020, 15:45
                                1. Zackery 04 november 2020, 17:00
                                  1. joshua 07 december 2020, 03:40
                                2. SAM WEI REN 19 september 2020, 17:21
                                  1. mom 08 july 2020, 19:41
                                    1. lauren 02 january 2021, 01:26
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