3.1/5 stars (39 votes)

The game takes place in post apocalyptic world. Control your character and try to survive. There are a lot of ways to stay alive, so try to use the efficiently. To start, you must collect resources. Use the resources to craft a primary base where it is possible to store your property and relax after the hunt for useful objects. Meanwhile, you should find or craft the weapons, in order to feel protected during the attacks.

In this world, that is full of aggressive zombies, your loyal pet will help you to survive. The pet will support you during the game. The base you built will help you to survive at night, when all zombies on the server chase you. At night, you should stay at home, otherwise you won’t survive. Upgrade your weapons, built new bases and improve old ones, it will help you to survive in this scary world.


To move, use WASD, To shoot or to pick resources, use left click of the mouse.