Multiplayer fleet with opponents from all over the world on the endless sea in real time! That’s what a «» is At first your ship is a fragile raft with cannon on the stern, but after some lucky battles and you’re an owner of chic schooner , which will destroy your opponents using cast-iron cores, cannons and other weapons.

Game «» is very realistic and will be pleasant to all lovers of sea battles. Antique cannons that shoot cast-iron cores, azure waters of the ocean, lots of decent opponents, treasures. The player is given cannon, which is located on the ship. Several players can play on the same boat! You must shoot the enemy on other ships. With help of built-in chat feature, you can speak to other captains of ships, unite and create coalitions, to attack another powerful enemies or for the common defense.

AWSD – movement

Mouse – point and shoot the cannon