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Airport Clash 3D is another installment in the series of online team vs. team shooter. Play as tough guy with rocking a glorious afro and shoot your enemies with a chain gun or a sniper rifle. Run around 3D airfield, jump on boosters and find groups of enemies to shoot at. Make sure your team has the greater kill count before the time runs out to guarantee your victory!

This is a classic third person shooter game and the controls are just what you would expect: press W and S to run forward and backwards, A and D to strafe left and right, Space and C to jump and crouch and LMB/RMB to shoot and aim down sights.

Airport Clash Royale 3D is free on Kevin Games, so don’t hesitate to check it out!

Airport Clash 3d is one of the best Shooting Game you can play on Kevin Games.
This game works perfectly in modern browsers and requires no installation.
Airport Clash 3d has been played by thousands of gamers who rated it 4.7 / 5 with 1477 votes.

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    Comments (21)

    1. 30 april 2021, 00:16
      i hope you guys like my game
      1. killer576321 05 april 2021, 21:08
        im better

        1. TypicalGamer 05 april 2021, 18:26
          I am really good all the kids think I have aimbot
          1. Jeffrey benitez 11 march 2021, 12:46
            i love this game cause im pro. too good.
            1. NELSON GARCIA 09 march 2021, 19:20
              i am really pro at this game!
              1. jahkai 27 february 2021, 03:05
                im going pro
                1. Levi 21 december 2020, 14:46
                  1. amanda ostergard 11 december 2020, 14:23
                    i love this game and im only 9
                    1. ma 09 december 2020, 17:41
                      um this game is ok wen its in game
                      1. homie kid 09 december 2020, 22:55
                      2. homie kid 09 december 2020, 01:00
                        like it
                        1. Derek 09 december 2020, 00:45
                          love it
                          1. Derek 07 december 2020, 22:33
                            love it
                            1. maddie 03 december 2020, 21:19
                              wow some one keeps killing me
                              1. hanna 04 november 2020, 23:32
                                at first I thought this game was going to be hard but when played it it was easy
                                1. xXDark_StormXx 01 february 2021, 22:49
                                2. raenick 04 november 2020, 23:31
                                  i like this game
                                  1. DJ 19 october 2020, 03:44
                                    Hey Leanna
                                    1. Leanna 04 july 2020, 00:38
                                      1. Levi 21 december 2020, 14:45
                                        1. Naomi 22 december 2020, 02:57
                                          this suks
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