"" perhaps is the most popular "io" game for the time being, just in a year of its existence it managed to assemble a millionth audience, and what is more important to hold it up until now. Even though the graphic is not the most intricate players log in the game over and over again. The game resembles the reincarnation of snake of the past century only with multiplayer and endless passion. Starting with a model of a small worm you fatten it by eating other players and increasing the size of your hero. The most experienced and lucky players in this game became truly massive in size. Game mechanics is simple you either cut your opponent off so that he rams into your tail and loses his life, or eat him up bumping against him face to face, but keep in mind that if you chose the second option you must be bigger than him in size, otherwise you have to start from the beginning.


This game is among the few where the operation is held by mouse only. Show your worm the direction to move by navigating the mouse. Pressing the left mouse button you will accelerate which helps to avoid undesirable contact with the worm of your opponent.