Played 2203 times is a physics-based game that can be played by 8 people at once. The goal is to stay on the level and push your enemies off the edge. The last one to stay alive is the winner!

You can invite your friends or play with random people. There are to main game modes available: team deathmatch and last man standing. What's great about is that it's as much a strategy as it is a platformer/action. You need to think about what you're doing, take beneficial positions and collaborate with others to survive.

User arrows or WSAD to move around. Pressing X will make you heavier, which makes it a lot harder to push you around, but you also gain momentum faster if you move, losing maneuverability.

The game also features a great level editor that allows players to create their own custom environments and play them with others whenever they want! There are many maps created this way already, so it's really hard to get bored playing

But you don't have to go through difficult setups or customizations to play this game: just press quick play and fight dozens of other ball shaped players without any delay!