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Multiplayer fun game Paper io online together with elements of classic Tron, Snake and Xonix is sure to please those who extremely loves bright pastime in the company with the most famous heroes. Fight for offer in the game territory and try for the shortest time period required to obtain the highest percentage of territory in the selected result of the competition map. You die when You collide with your tail or another player does it. Try to capture as much territory as You can. More territory equals more points. Develop your own strategy and plan of action to find yourself in the leaderboard. You can play online and offline, on a mobile device, and desktop. The huge opportunities for realization of games on various devices, the colorful interface and large simplicity are what attracts those who love dynamic action, coupled with the attractive color texture - you will need to play and enjoy the many features without any additional problems! Take a chance to spend time vividly, with interest and great curiosity - because this game is a fantastic variety of opportunities and convenience, we offer options for different types of players! Enjoy and get carried away!