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Multiplayer game where you have to operate a round shape thing (it can be animated as an option) in the forest and accumulate its mass, collect points and upgrade levels. Depending on the round color and skillset of your hero will change. For example orange can run into red circle and lie there in a wait for the enemy. Green may run into blue. This way you can trap your enemies. At the bottom of the screen there are two indicators. Orange: level indicator which displays how much you need to eat to pass on the next level. Blue: water indicator, watch it carefully when it is empty the hero dies.

In “” you need to follow the rules: in order to fill the orange indicator you need to eat the red balls and water indicator is to be filled with the blue ones. You can also kill other players and gain weight. For that end attack the weakest they are highlighted in orange. Bubbles which can't be overcome are highlighted in red.

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