ZType is a unique top-down space shooter with very unusual controls: instead of clicking or mashing buttons to attack the enemies the player needs to type in the words appearing together with the incoming ships. Every invader is assigned a unique combination of symbols, and once the correct sequence of keys is registered, the player’s ship shoots the corresponding vessel down.

This game is a rare example of entertainment that can actually help one improve a real-life skill. If you’ve ever found yourself struggling to type efficiently or to quickly find a specific key, playing ZType online can be very beneficial in that regard. The difficulty increases slowly, so there is plenty of time to adjust to the increasing amount of enemy ships coming at you from the top of the screen. Before you know it you will be able to type much faster and more intuitively, considering the fact that the game challenges you with real words used in everyday life.

The graphics are nice and colourful, the gameplay is satisfying and the general concept benefits focus and concentration. If you feel like are in a rut or require a break from work, a quick ZType game can help you unwind without feeling like you are wasting time.