Crowd City

Played 1514 times is an online game about building your own crowd from the ground up. Every player starts with just one unit and has to explore a pretty sizable map to find more people who would want to join him. Time is of the essence: you only have two minutes to create the greatest following on the map and beat your rivals!

The beauty of Crowd City is in its gameplay that is unlike most of the games we are used to playing. Every time the player's group approaches a neutrally colored NPC it automatically joins the crowd making it a little bigger every time. The mechanics and controls are simple and easy to understand, but it doesn't mean that the game isn't challenging. All you need to do is move around, but it's how you do it that matters: you need to seek out the most populated places on the map while avoiding your enemies at the same time. When two groups meet the bigger one destroys the smaller one without mercy. The people from the opposing fraction give up and join their new clan without hesitation.

Can you become the leader the people would look up to? Do you have what it takes to create the biggest following in town? Then play and make it to the top of the leaderboards!

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