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Creating delicious masterpieces requires some taste and art skills. Already with or without them, play Icing on the Cake Online game. You’ll learn to decorate a cake. As well as how to match different colors to make the outlook appealing.

2-Phased Gameplay

An already cooked dessert is waiting for the last touches on a rotating table. Moving automatically, the professional equipment facilitates the process of decorating. Pick a cream and start applying it to any area you want. Once every centimeter is covered, you’ll notice something: the result doesn’t look impressive. That is because it is not yet the end. Use a special cooking paddle to flatten the edges and take away unnecessary layers. However, you won’t win unless you meet 1 more condition.

Follow the Pattern in the Art Game

The upper part of the screen shows you a picture of the expected product. What you create must match the client’s description, already discussed and agreed on. So, make sure you take the right cream and don’t spoil the valuable work. And even if you follow the pattern, the similarity may still be lower than 100%.

Icing on the Cake Online Game: Over 20 Levels That Never Bore

Once the dessert is ready, an informative pop-up window will appear. It tells you the similarity percentage. As well as how many seconds you’ve spent and world average results. But keep in mind that even a professional cook can’t make 2 completely identical products. So, getting 80-100% is fine.

Suitable for Kids and Older

The adventure is a tool to improve logic and color recognition. Plus it is a meditative activity. A pleasant and calm atmosphere relaxes and amuses with challenging tasks. Enjoy Icing on the Cake Online game free from any built-in purchases. Come to our website to play without needing to pay for anything. Kevin Games is known for not charging fees for using its content. Check it out yourself!

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